Q: Where are you shipping from?

A: Our items are manufactured and being shipped from Ukraine (Eastern Europe).


Q: How long does a shipping usually take?

A: It depends on a lot of factors that we are not fully in control of, and delivery times vary greatly depending on destination country, time of year, and, really, luck. The luck factor is whether the parcel is stopped for customs inspection or not. In our experience the list of countries with strict customs regulations are Sweden and Germany, US on the other hand almost does not have cases with delays because of customs inspections. 

Q: Why my order hasn't been shipped yet?

A: In most cases this happens because the items are pre-order type of items, and we don't pre-manufacture those. The reason why we decided to follow this approach is to allow our customers to choose from a really large range of available designs. Currently there's slightly more than 1000 product variations, and this would be impossible to achieve had we invested into pre-making all possible variations in multiple quantities. This doesn't mean that we are not pre-making any products - about 60% of items ordered are being pre-made and in stock.


Q: What is the difference between aluminum and engineered stone molds?

A: Key differences of stone vs aluminum:

  • stone molds are a lot cheaper (not so much because of material, but because it's softer, so machinery and tools to mill it are times less expensive than for aluminum).
  • stone molds are a bit more sticky than aluminum, so once in every 3-5 baits use some worm oil
  • baits produced by stone molds are a bit more dull and don't have a glossy look unless oiled
  • if stone mold is dropped on the floor, there's a high probability that is cracks
  • stone molds are about 12% lighter, not a big deal for usage, but might be crucial for shipping tiers
  • stone molds absorb less heat, so plastisol is more likely to reach all parts with less pressure, but on the other hand - the bait will cool longer


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