Material: Luresol (Plastisol based)
Weight: 560.00g / 1.23LB
Volume: 0.5L / 16.9fl oz
Operating temperature: 160-180°C
Product of Ukraine

Luresol is our liquid plastic plastisol formula. Luresol soft plastic is the base material you need to make your soft plastic lures. It's milk like consistency soon changes to a clear liquid when heated. Just add colours, glitter and scents of your choice and pour into lure molds. Your fishing lure creations will soon come to life! Luresol is virtually odorless when cooled. Excellent finished product feel and no greasiness.

The end-product soft lures are just examples and are not included in the sale.

Here's how it works:
1. Shake well
2. Pour Luresol into safe tempered glass container, put in microwave.
3. Heat Luresol until it turns from white to clear. This process usually takes 1 to 2 minutes. Towards the end of the heating process use short bursts (10 seconds at a time) to reach desired temperature.
4. Once Luresol turns clear and reaches correct temperature (160-180 °C) add color (can be added before heating as well) and glitter. Mix together well and then shoot or pour into best_nj do it mold.
You may reuse and/or recycle soft plastic baits by simply remelting.

REMEMBER to use protective clothing like gloves, long sleeves, pants, and closed toe shoes (no sandals) when pouring hot Luresol. Wear appropriate safety goggles and provide adequate ventilation in your work space too (either a fan or personal respirator).

BUY IT NOW! And you will get that you need to start soft plastic lure making.

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Plastisol Soft Lure Making Formula Soft Plastic for Lure Making

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